In the summer of 2009, a South Australian creative named Daniel Bennett felt inspired to create baby shower invitations for his wife and sister-in-law; both expecting first babies. Without purpose or plan, a white Stork carrying a love-bundle appeared on the first invitation. Then curiously, a purple, three-legged Elephant popped up on the other. 

Thereafter, an entire world of creatures began to manifest in this simple visual language. Now the Minimals - their collective term - roam free in the beautiful pastures of the Adelaide Hills, tended to with care and precision until they are distributed into hearts and homes across the globe.

Minimals have found a purpose in enriching the development of babies and children, while entertaining adults alike. For the parents out there who need a break from princesses and pirates, Minimals is a wonderful alternative for theming their youngsters' bedrooms and play areas. 

The team behind the Minimals is small and family orientated. Daniel does his design thing, wife Amy does her organising thing, all the while they tend their own busy little flock in the peaceful surrounds of orchard country. Sure, the story may have humble beginnings, but the team hold larger-than-life dreams. Be sure to look out for Minimals on clothes, toys, wall stickers, apps and so much more. The possibilities are endless!

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